Constant Vengeance

The First Fury

Is it possible to get away with murder? Publicly, sometimes. Privately, never. Because the Fury known as Constant Vengeance is all-seeing. This beguiling temptress hurls depraved acts back at their perpetrators, torturing their souls with flames.

Our ‘Constant Vengeance’ Pinot Noir is a luscious, deep-crimson homage to the Fury by the same name. Her beauty has been honed from an unforgiving landscape. Beaten by howling winds, buffeted by heat, barely fed by the soil, the fruit somehow emerges voluptuous and tantalizing from the pristine ViƱa La Rancha in the rugged Sta. Rita Hills.

The finished wine is alluring, ripe, and harmonious. She is formidably bold yet restrained, supple yet firm in structure. She is tamed by dark and abundant fruit, with stony minerality, balanced acidity, and poise.

Constant Vengeance is impossible to resist. But those who partake of her pleasures should proceed with caution.

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