About Us

Constant Vengeance • The Jealous • The Angry One

Misdeeds may seem to go unnoticed. Crimes may appear to go unpunished.

But they are not forgotten.

We, the Three Furies, are omniscient. We are witnesses to every sin.

We torment the damned with our beauty. We drive malefactors to madness with our integrity.

We are cruel. We are just.

We are frightful. We are sublime.

Vigneron from the Antipodes

Three Furies Wines are a manifestation of Winemaker Martin Mackenzie’s insatiable curiosity and quest for truth, power, and beauty in wine.

Martin, a New Zealand native, crafted wines for world-renowned  Stonyridge Vineyard on remote Waiheke Island, New Zealand for ten years before moving to California wine country.

In California since 2009 as consulting, flying, and head winemaker, Martin has produced wines with top scores, earning high critical praise for his craft.

Three Furies Wines are Martin’s expression of respect for the power of nature.